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Spring on the Farm

By Gabe Ross, Farm Manager

Sheep in pasture
Sheep standing in the pasture lane

While we may have some more cold ahead of us and even a little snow, Spring is rapidly approaching. The maple trees have budded out and sugaring season is over, the first tree swallows have returned, with the purple martins not too far behind. It is now time to focus our energy on young animals, the fields, and the gardens. The hay mow is getting emptier and emptier as the winter goes on, but we will have enough to get us through until the grass pops up. Lambs will be coming near the end of April and the yearly cycle begins again.

Garlic shoot
Garlic shoot popping up through the straw

While taking a walk around the farm today I dug back the straw mulch to find garlic, green and growing. It will soon be time to plant potatoes, peas, and onions. In the flowerbed some snowdrops were blooming. Out in the fields the cover crop oats have died off making way for the corn that will be planted in May. The rye and wheat are both looking good and as are the little experimental plots of triticale and winter barley we planted last year. I need to hurry up and prune the apple trees and berry bushes this week. It is hard to believe that in 2 months or so, we’ll be cutting hay again.

Snowdrops in the flowerbed

While it is still a little cold, the grounds are open and there are plenty of signs of spring to come check out at Gallant Farm. Keep your eye out this year for the farmhouse re-opening in May, baby animals and a new no till vegetable garden north of the parking lot. The farm is open 12pm – 5pm, Thursday – Sunday now until May 1.

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