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Park Development & Construction Projects

Perfect Creek Park Development (Future Park)

Schedule: Ongoing restoration
Location: Perfect Creek Park, Trenton Township (this property is not yet open as a public park)
Project description:

This 478 acre property consists of gently rolling topography, mature woods, two miles of streams, high-quality wetlands, and open grasslands. Major park elements being considered include Perfect-Sandel Farmhouse, Perfect Schoolhouse, archery ranges, police training range, observation areas, extensive trail system, operations/maintenance facility, restored forests, shelters, and restrooms.

Wetland Restoration 
In summer of 2022 PPDC was awarded a $400,000 H2Ohio grant to design and construct new treatment wetlands along Perfect Creek and Dry Run, located within an upcoming park. Once constructed, the wetlands will encompass almost 7 acres, filtering sediment and treating both phosphorus and nitrogen, before returning water back to Perfect Creek. The wetlands will restore vital ecological habitat in addition to functioning as stormwater retention. Coldwater Creek Consulting was selected to design and engineer the wetlands. Completed in 2024, these wetlands are regularly monitored for water quality to study the effectiveness of the treatment wetlands.  

See the master concept plans here. Comments regarding these master plan concepts may be made by emailing

Ohio to Erie Trail - Sunbury

Schedule: Completed construction summer 2023
Project: Former railroad bridge conversion.
Project description:

The former Sunbury railroad bridge, acquired by Preservation Parks in 2019, was converted from its original locomotive use to a permanent multi-use pedestrian path. The bridge provides an important connection along the Ohio to Erie trail through Sunbury, including to a previously disconnected portion of the trail built in 2019. While not the final piece needed to eliminate all road routes within Sunbury, it cuts down the length of time trail users will be on road. Additionally, the bridge provides built-in scenic overlooks, allowing users to take a break on the bridge above Big Walnut Creek.  

Jagger Construction LLC. was selected to complete construction of the bridge repairs and trail, which were designed by CT Consultants. Construction began in winter of 2023 and was complete in summer 2023.  

Outdoor Shelter

Schedule: Completed Spring/Summer 2023
Location: Shale Hollow Park
Project description: A formerly vacant garage next to the McKay Lodge at Shale Hollow Park was demolished in early 2022, making way for a new outdoor shelter. The shelter, designed by Schorr Architects, is open air, constructed from timber and stone veneer, with an approximate footprint of 35’x40’. The shelter provides a much needed covered outdoor space at Shale Hollow Park.

Tyevco Inc. was selected to construct the shelter. Construction began in November of 2022.