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About Us

We are different by nature

Preservation Parks is committed to preserving Delaware County’s natural areas, which are home to thousands of native plant and animal species and are special places for people.

The parks allow visitors to experience an intimacy with nature that is unique from other parks in the area, inserting quietude and harmony into a busy world, and providing unexpected moments of discovery and connection. 

Plant and animal habitats welcome visitors with vivid color and sound, awakening the senses. The tranquility makes the parks even more special.

Park District conservation efforts focus on land acquisition, prairie and wetland restoration, reforestation and invasive species management in an effort to improve wildlife habitat. 

Walking trails, picnic areas, reservable shelters, natural play areas, nature displays, wildlife blinds, and other features provide a variety of ways for visitors to enjoy the parks. A wide range of programs strengthen people’s awareness and understanding of the landscape, wildlife, resources and history of their home county.

Our educational efforts take us into classrooms in every school system —public and private — in Delaware County, with engaging programs that excite young people.

Preservation Parks is funded primarily by property tax dollars approved by voters of Delaware County. Tax revenue is augmented by federal and state grants, along with contributions of land, materials, equipment and time from donors and volunteers.


To protect and conserve the natural and historic features of Delaware County and to inspire outdoor exploration and learning.

Annual Budget

The annual budget provides information about Park District income (including property tax income, grants, and donations) and expenditures by category. Click here to view:

Strategic Plan 2019-2023

The Preservation Parks of Delaware County (PPDC) Strategic Plan provides direction for the next five years, 2019 through 2023, and aligns with the District’s 10-year Plan to continue forward progress. Click here to view:

Public Records Policy

Preservation Parks makes public records available by request.

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