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Natural Resources

Contact Information

Chris Roshon
Department Manager
740.524.8600, ext. 108

The Natural Resources Department protects and enhances the district’s native habitats through restoration and active management of park lands. Below is a brief introduction into what we do to ensure each park is a valuable part of the local ecosystem.


People often are surprised to learn that many colorful, pollinator friendly prairie species are native to our area. Prairies rely on disturbances, and are maintained through periodic prescribed fire. The Ohio Prairie Association,, is a comprehensive source for information related to prairies in Ohio.


Besides the many benefits to water quality, wetlands act as a magnet for wildlife. It has been estimated that Delaware County currently has 2,253 acres of wetlands, a significant loss from the estimated 74,834 acres pre-settlement. In addition to protecting our existing wetlands, wetlands are being restored where they were eliminated in the past. The Ohio Wetlands Association website,, provides information related to wetlands in Ohio.


Our forests range from newly established seedlings to mature towering oaks. Many of the former agricultural fields within the Park District have been planted with native trees, and are in the process of reverting to woodland.

Invasive Species

Invasive, non-native plants spread quickly and can often out-compete native species. Areas with abundant non-native plants often have low species diversity and contribute little to the local ecosystem. A variety of invasive plant species threaten the native species found in our parks, and are managed as time and resources allow. The Ohio Invasive Plants Council,, is a resource for information related to invasive plants in Ohio.


Species and habitat inventory is an ongoing process, intended to document the species living within our parks and guide management of our natural areas. Several of these events have been conducted in our parks to survey plant and animal species. BioBlitz events are intended to serve a quick surveys of many species in an area, usually done by several individuals over a 24-hour period.

Click below for the results of our BioBlitz events.

Interested in Volunteering?

We rely on volunteers to help plant trees, monitor nest boxes, collect prairie seed, survey plant and animal species, remove invasive plants, photograph parks, and more. Click to visit the volunteer info page

Volunteer Steward Handbook

Scientific Research Permit

Preservation Parks encourages the use of its properties for scientific research, especially where the findings will continually build our knowledge base in regard to land/wildlife management and assist the park district in dissemination of current scientific information through public education. Please review the Scientific Research Guidelines prior to completing the application.