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2021 Volunteers of the Year – The Thompson Family: Becky, Clara & Levi

Thompson Family volunteering at Gallant Farm

Preservation Parks recognizes Becky Thompson and her children, Clara and Levi, as our 2021 Volunteers of the Year. As a family, they have spent the past seven years volunteering for Preservation Parks.  

While rearing her family and providing her youngest children with a home-based education, Becky showed them the importance of giving of yourself and your time to help others. Becky, Clara, and Levi have volunteered 500 hours since joining us in 2015.  

“We chose Preservation Parks because we enjoyed visiting the parks and it was one of the few places that welcomed young kids and families as volunteers,” Becky explained. 

“We have enjoyed getting to know park staff and other volunteers,” she continued. “They are all so passionate about what they do and enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge.” 

Becky feels that their volunteering really contributed to her home-school curriculum because the kids have learned so much while working at the parks. 

They have been instrumental in many varied aspects of the visitor experience and have devoted many hours to animal care and conservation behind the scenes.  

Thompson Family volunteering at Gallant Farm

In recent years, Becky, along with Clara and Levi, have proved to be indispensable parts of our school field trip programs at Gallant Farm. Becky’s calm demeanor and relaxed teaching style always puts children at ease and seeing Clara and Levi in costume enhances the experience for the students who visit the farm. 

Clara says that volunteering at the farm helped her improve her public speaking skills which will give her an advantage in her future career. Levi also expressed his joy at being able to show other kids how to care for chickens. 

When not volunteering, Becky enjoys reading, hiking and baking. Clara, who is 17, also likes to spend time reading and hiking. She also plays Dungeons and Dragons and plans to be a librarian. At 12, Levi likes Dungeons and Dragons as well. He also spends time reading and playing video games and plans to be a mycologist. 

We honor the Thompson family as 2021 Preservation Parks Volunteers of the Year and thank them for the joy, dedication, and inspiration they bring to our team. 

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