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Adventure Connection

Looking for your next great adventure? It’s just outside your door in Delaware County. With an abundance of public land accessible through multiple state, county and local parks, there is an exciting new adventure for every person in Delaware County.  

Adventure Connection is a self-guided tour of outdoor recreation opportunities in Delaware County. Take a look at the abundance of adventures available in our backyard and try something new today! 

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Take aim at one of the most ancient skillsets known to man. Try one of Preservation Parks introductory classes to learn all about the bow and arrow sport. 

Preservation Parks Classes

Delaware County Shooting Locations

Bicycle Touring

Bicycle trips to Washington state or Washington DC could start at your front door. Delaware County is home to a portion of the Ohio to Erie trail, an integral part of a nationwide network of bike trails.  

Preservation Parks Events

Delaware County Bicycle Trails

Other Bicycle Touring Locations


Delaware County is for the bird-ers! A major migratory stop, the county boasts thousands of acres of public land and water. Explore new habitats in secluded settings while tracking different and elusive species throughout the year.

Preservation Parks Wildlife Blind Locations

Preservation Parks Birding Events

Other Birding Locations

Columbus Flyers Disc Golf Club

Disc Golf

Explore new parks and hidden tees while trying to hit the lowest score. An affordable and exciting sport, Delaware county hosts an abundance of Disc Golf courses to explore. 


Disc Golf Courses


Well stocked with fish, Delaware County has an abundance of public waterways. Grab a fishing license where necessary or join a class with PPDC to learn the essentials. 

Preservation Parks Classes

Preservation Parks Fishing Locations


Laying in a hammock may not be the pinnacle of adventure, but it can be the peak of relaxation. How far into the woods will you hike to achieve the perfect view in absolute serenity? Grab a hammock, take a hike, find a couple of trees and relax.  

Preservation Parks Hammocking Locations


Take the plunge into kayaking. With both relaxing and heart racing opportunities, Delaware county is home to numerous kayak and boat launches, allowing for easy access into watercraft recreation.  

Preservation Parks Boat Launches

Other Delaware County Boat Launches

Mountain Biking

No mountains? No problem. Mountain Biking is a catch all term for serious offroad riding, and Alum Creek is home to more than 10 miles of dedicated mountain bike trail, varying in degree of difficulty. Grab a bike and run what you brung!


Mountain Bike Trails

Outdoor Cleanup

Make a difference in your neck of the woods. With a few trashbags, an afternoon, and some sweat equity, you could transform Delaware for the better. Take the challenge a step further and explore opportunities with the agencies below to further clean parkland and important waterways. 


Outdoor Yoga

Strengthen your mind and your body while surrounded by nature. With more than a half dozen events this year, opportunities abound to free your mind with outdoor yoga at Preservation Parks.  

Preservation Parks Events


Snow days don’t need to be inside days. Bundle up and grab a sled, with three sledding hills to choose from, Preservation Parks has the perfect hot cocoa partner for your next snowy downhill adventure. 

Preservation Parks Sledding Hills

Trail Running

Take your morning jog to the next level. Accelerate your heartrate through remote trails made by runners, for runners. Alum Creek state park hosts Rocks and Roots Trail Runners Association, with a specially made trail for them, by them. Take part in their weekly run to discover what all the fuss is about.  


Preservation Parks Trails to Start On

Think we missed an exciting adventure opportunity in Delaware County? Feel free to reach out to us at – we would love to continue to grow this list!