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Guidelines for Geocache Owners

  • Before a geocache/letterbox can be placed in a park, an application must be submitted.
  • Each park will have a limited number of available permits. When there are no available permits at a specific park, the applicant’s name can be placed on a waiting list for that park, or an application for another park can be submitted. Applications on a waiting list will be held in the order they are received.
  • Cache location must be within three feet of a designated trail, in a public-use area, or in an area designated for geocaching.
  • An appropriate container must be used, no ammunition boxes are allowed.
  • If applying for a multi-cache permit, include coordinates to all stages on application
  • After the permit has been issued, the applicant may place a cache at the requested site. If container is large enough, the permit number and copy of the geocache/letterbox rules must be placed inside.
  • Permits expire on December 31st, regardless of the date of issue. Cache owners will be notified to renew permit.
  • If at any time a cache is causing impact to an area, a Park Employee will work with the owner to determine a new location.
  • The cache owner is responsible for checking the box monthly. If any illegal items are found, if should be reported to Park Police – 614-989-1972. No food, alcohol, drugs, firearms, or any other dangerous, illegal, or inappropriate items will be permitted in the cache.
  • If the owner notices any problem arising from the geocache or its location, the owner shall contact Park District personnel.
  • The owner must include Preservation Parks “Rules for Geocaching/Letterboxing” in conjunction with the distribution of directions to the site, i.e., link the Preservation Parks website section on geocaching/letterboxing in description of cache on website being used.
  • If owner removes the cache, they shall notify Park District staff for permit to be cancelled.
  • By receiving a geocache/letterbox permit, the owner, understands, that at any time, Preservation Parks may revoke the permit for any reason.

REMEMBER: All Preservation Parks rules and regulations apply