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Mud and Suds Adventure

BY: GARRETT BRINKMAN,  planning intern

On a beautiful Saturday morning at the end of July, I watched 200+ runners and enjoyed the very first Preservation Parks Adventure Mud Run at Gallant Woods Park. MUD, water and challenges were the order of the day for the many participants.  

Approximately two miles long and containing eleven obstacles, the event used the newly created adventure trail as well as previously existing trails at Gallant Woods. With logs to run across, stumps to jump on, rocks to step on, mud to crawl through and a wet and soapy slide down the park’s sledding hill, the event provided thrills, and even some spills for young and old alike. Some of the obstacles will be present all year round for visitor’s enjoyment but others such as the mud pits and slip n’ slide were installed only temporarily, to maintain a low impact on the surrounding environment. 

After working on the trail for the last several months, I really enjoyed seeing the smiles on the mud-covered and soapy runners’ faces as they completed the course. It was also great that the event provided visitors with another opportunity to get to know their local parks, enjoy nature, and get some great cardio-vascular exercise. Running through the course just once wasn’t enough for some as many runners went back on the course to get even muddier and attempt to wash up with the suds of the slip n’ slide. All in all, it was a beautiful Saturday morning to be active, experience the wonders of nature and, of course, get muddy.

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