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Preservation Parks’ StoryWalk Gets an Upgrade

 by Saundra McBrearty- Outreach and Volunteer Specialist 

Example of new StoryWalk

Over the past five years you may have enjoyed a hike in a Preservation Parks site and have encountered a story book posted along the trail, page by page, on a series of yard signs. Preservation Parks of Delaware County is excited to feature an upgraded StoryWalk starting this summer 2022. The new StoryWalk signs will be sturdy, sustainable, and attractive semi-permanent signs made of wood and plexiglass. The signs will be posted in the ground with screw augers so they may be moved strategically from one park to another.  

Preservation Parks of Delaware County owes this StoryWalk upgrade to our forward-thinking community partners at the Delaware County District Library. The Library system received funding from the 2022 Creating Healthy Communities Mini Grant Program offered by the Delaware Public Health District.  

The Story Walk program is a picture-perfect example of a program which intersects the missions of these three agencies. Preservation Parks of Delaware County aims to inspire outdoor exploration and learning. The Delaware County District Library encourages reading and offers free lifelong discovery in a friendly environment. And the Delaware Public Health District envisions healthy people in healthy communities. The StoryWalk posted along a nature trail is a sensational way for all three agencies to further fulfill their missions.  

The upgraded StoryWalk will debut at Hickory Woods Park in conjunction with the Preservation Parks summer education theme, Climate Connection, on May 28, 2022. The first book presented along the Story Walk is titled The Story of Climate Change, a first book about how we can help save our planet. We look forward to seeing you and your family enjoying the StoryWalk at Hickory Woods this summer. Then, as the seasons change, so will the StoryWalk book selection so keep an eye out for new books!  


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