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The Joys of August

By LIZ NERONI, naturalist
August is my favorite time of year. A golden hue digs in deep, casting a light on the last days of summer. It is a moment of calm. Everything is lush and mature. The rush of parenting diminishes. Babies have grown and fledged, or require less care. Insects are plenty and food is abundant. Animals are still, the movement of migration not yet pushing them to another place. A small amount of peace in an unruly world… This small window reminds me to stop and just breathe.

Come to one of the parks and sit, walk, and wonder. Take in the beauty that August has to offer.  Walk through the prairies amidst the towering grasses and beautiful blooming wildflowers. Stop by the garden with butterflies and bees sipping nectar from native flowers. Scan the water for basking turtles and frogs. Stand in the forest and look into the canopy while listening to the summer breeze in the leaves. Before the rush of a new school year or the hectic work schedule of the fall season begins, relax,  explore nature and live in the moment.

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