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Volunteer Spotlight with Chun Qin 

Saundra McBrearty, Outreach and Volunteer Specialist  

More than 200 volunteers bring unique talents and experience to the Preservation Parks team. Volunteers help expand and fulfill land steward projects, education programs, and marketing efforts. Here we spotlight a passionate volunteer, Chun Qin, who is originally from China and is learning English as a second language. Below is an essay she recently wrote about her experience as a volunteer with Preservation Parks. 

A Special Picnic 

By Chun Qin, Volunteer

It was raining yesterday, so it was cloudy, a little bit chilly and had breezes this afternoon. Preservation Parks of Delaware County still held a picnic for thanking the volunteers who worked for them.

I have volunteered for 125 hours from 2016 to now, so they invited me to join the picnic. They also gave me a certificate at this picnic for commending my volunteering. This is my pleasure.  

I very much enjoyed my volunteer times in Preservation Parks of Delaware County. I learned from them how to do nature education for the people. I can feel that the people in charge, the Naturalists, have a mission. Their mission is for their insisting with enthusiasm to always preserve nature. Their spirit of preserving nature, the animals and plants, has inspired me and their methods of nature education has opened my mind and influenced me a lot.  

My experiences as a volunteer in Preservation Parks of Delaware County has guided me how to do nature education in China. Then, when returning to China, I can use these experiences to instruct my friends in China how to do a better job for China’s nature. 

In addition, my volunteer time at Preservation Parks has increased my knowledge of birds, insects, and plants. I started to feed the injured birds this fall at the Deer Haven aviary. I learned how to take care of the injured birds or the birds which have no ability to hunt. And at the same time, I learned many new English words about caring for the birds. I found out different species of birds have different characteristics and habits.  Everything I learn about birds is interesting to me.  

There are many naturalists in the parks. Any questions you have they can answer for you. Being a volunteer is a chance for me to study all nature.  I love volunteering.  

Would you like to volunteer with Preservation Parks? Volunteers help fulfill our mission to protect and conserve the natural and historical features of Delaware County and inspire outdoor exploration and learning. With more than 30 volunteer assignments available, we aim to match volunteers with roles that fit their unique interest and abilities.  

Let’s get you started! Complete our on-line volunteer application by clicking on the link below.  



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