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Winter Letterbox Teaches How Animals Survive Winter- Examples of Kindness and Hope

By Saundra McBrearty, Outreach and Volunteer Specialist

Winter at Shale Hollow Park

Fun, free, and healthy outdoor activities are needed now more than ever before, as is sharing a bit of kindness and hope with others. That is why Preservation Parks of Delaware County is exited to launch a Winter Letterbox Adventure beginning this Saturday, December 19, 2020 just before Christmas time. The program runs through the February 28. 

The Winter Letterbox Adventure is a scavenger hunt which inspires families to explore eight Preservation Park sites to collect the word posted on each Letterbox Sign. Put these words together in the correct order to reveal an ancient Japanese Proverb and earn a prize available for pick up at Gallant Farm.

To get started, register on our website to receive a PDF booklet filled with clues that will lead you to the Letterbox sign hidden in each park. As you follow the clues you will also learn how animals survive the winter with examples of kindness and hope. Remember to bring a pen along to jot down the special word posted on the Letterbox Sign. Visit all eight parks with the Letterbox Booklet in hand, find each Letterbox Sign, jot down the eight special words, unscramble the proverb, return to our website to fill out the Google form to find the lockbox code to pick up your Letterbox prize at Gallant Farm. Our hope is that you use the prize to bring kindness and hope to others. Good luck and enjoy!

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