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Masked Smells

By Liz Neroni, Naturalist

Eco-friendly deodorant

As the pandemic lingers on, we enter the New Year. Yet, 2021 might just be the perfect time to see how you can live more sustainably. One thing in particular stands out as we stay in, and that’s deodorant.

Most deodorants have harsh ingredients that we smear on our bodies, day after day, in order to enjoy the company of others without holding our noses. So, as we continue to remain distant and wear a mask, when has there been a better time to detox and try something all natural?

What is in the deodorant is half the battle. What is holding the deodorant, is the other – plastic. Something that is used by a single person for less than a year, will now be around for several hundred years. You can’t even recycle it. Every single piece of plastic that ever existed, still exists. Breaking down into micro plastics, contaminating our water, killing our wildlife, and ultimately destroying the earth, just so we aren’t stinky….

However! There is hope! Glass jar and paper options are now available! The best part, the companies that are putting their product into these eco-friendly alternatives, have also eliminated cruel and unnecessary animal testing, as well as certain risky ingredients. Meow Meow Tweet, Primal Pit Paste, Native, Piper Wai, & Schmidt’s, are just a few of these companies you can find out there. 

Finding an all-natural deodorant can be a challenge and possibly an expensive journey. Everyone has different body chemistry, making it potentially difficult to find something that works well for you, regardless of how it worked for your friend. You have to purchase a new deodorant in order to try it, whether or not it ends up working out. You can be lucky, try one, and be smelly free, or you might have to try several before finding the deodorant that does the job.

Just be patient and don’t give up. Do something good for you and the environment and evaluate your deodorant.

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