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Wildflowers in the Wetlands

By Saundra McBrearty, Outreach and Volunteer Specialist, Photos by Logan Dunn

Pickerel Weed

The vivid display of color and aroma that native wildflowers provide from early spring through fall is certainly an added benefit of the restored wetland habitats that exist across our Preservation Parks sites. Wildflowers attract a broad host of pollinators as well as numerous species of birds, insects and mammals. In fact, the wildflower patches are excellent spots for park visitors to view songbirds, bees, butterflies and even bats.

The photos above showcase wild bergamot, pickerel weed, and swamp milkweed which are three wildflowers currently blooming in our restored wetland and prairie habitats. These colorful blooms can be enjoyed along with plenty of other native Ohio wildflowers that thrive in full sun throughout the warm season. Black-eyed Susan, blazing star, compass plant, coneflower, goldenrod, partridge pea, and shooting star all brighten up the parks in summer and fall.

Check out more wildflowers at Gallant Woods Park and Blues Creek Park

Wild Bergamot
Swamp Milkweed and Carpenter Bee
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